Mattress Sales

Mattress Sales

The modern day retailers are all following a pretty similar formulae.  Inflate the price and drop it down so you can advertise a massive saving.  The mattress market is one of the worst for this.  Drop selling is a pretty effective strategy.  Even after years in retail I'm guilty of seeing a sale and thinking "I don't want to miss out".  But I usually find after a little bit of research that the price isn't particularly good and will even find I can get it at a better price from a local retailer.  

Brand names have been propped up and then watered down over and over that it becomes difficult to trust any of them to make a good mattress.  Brands that were stalwarts like SleepMaker or A.H Beard are under enormous pressure to lower the specification in a mattress so that a national Discount company like Amart can say they are doing the best price.  

Meanwhile the higher end retailers are now demanding exclusivity so manufacturers create exclusive Sub Brands.  The result is a a mattress made by the same person in the same factory with the same or similar materials can have a wildly different price from one retailer to another.There are only 3 major foam manufacturers in Australia so when you buy a mattress it's almost a certainty in contains foam mostly from Dunlop, Joyce or Foamco. Each brand and Sub-Brand uses a different name for these foams.  They create the name for the foam and put a little TM next to it. So when you shop around you can't make heads or tails of which mattress is actually better value.

There's a very good chance that the mattress you looking at will be made by the same bloke in the same factory using the same materials but dressed up and badged differently at the next store you visit. This is how Harvey Norman can offer to beat any price if you find the exact mattress at a better price elsewhere.  You won't find the mattress anywhere else.  It's "exclusive" to them.

Our business model is a little different.  We try to avoid any misleading information and make it a point to know and provide any information in the materials and processes used to make the mattress. Our prices are always as sharp as we can get them so you don't need to rush in today before a sale ends or hold off until one begins,  and everyday we work on improving our range and service to make sure we maintain our unbeatable mattress range and prices.

Even with years of experience and insider knowledge I sometimes struggle to be sure on what is in some of the mattresses retailers have.  If you look at the specifications on our mattresses we tell you as clearly as we can what each product contains layer by layer as well as how this benefits the feel or performance of the mattress. If you ever have a question about any of our products or even what the other retailers are stocking please feel welcome to ask on our facebook page or give us a call on 0740283944.  

19th Nov 2018 James Hughes

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