The Truth about a bed in a box

The Truth about a bed in a box

Australia's A big place.  Our population is spread thin and transport of large bulky items is the hardest part of managing a Bedding store in a somewhat rural area like Cairns.  

As locals up here we knew that freight was key.  So we have spent all our time chasing a lower rate for every trip.  Bulk ordering and hours unloading trucks at all hours of the night.  But in the end for every small saving we gain another advantage over our competitors.  So why don't we stock the mattress in a box?

To put it bluntly even here in an area that requires a 22 hour drive to and from the compromise is not worth it.

Even when we need twice the warehouse space for storage or the extra man for delivery. 

The compromise may of been worth it in the lower end models.  Take our lowest priced Queen mattress the Cormorant.  We sell it for $329.  Delivered.   Have a look at any one of these websites telling you that their mattress in a box is a bargain at over $900. 

Now besides all of this there is one major point that gets us.  Durability.  It's pretty obvious that foam wears over time.  But when you take a piece of foam and compress it,  it wears a lot faster.  

Now I don't proclaim to know how all of these online guys run but I know that at least one of the larger ones is fully imported and the boxes are rotated to try and control the period that they sit in a warehouse.  Why?

 Because they have an expiration date.  At around 90 days the mattress begins to fail.  So even if they are incredibly careful and diligent they need to put the mattress into it's compressed form in China which I would assume is one at a time before they make enough for a shipment. (Meaning your looking at possibly a month on the first one made.) 

Then put it into the container for shipping lets be generous and say this takes only a day.  But now that it's on the barge the mattress sits compressed for around 3 weeks by the time it clears customs.  

And finally the container is unloaded and ready for delivery.  That leaves what you would have to expect to be at most around a month for some of these mattresses to be sold and delivered before they "expire"  

This means that at best you are getting a mattress that is 2/3 of the way to failing by the time you get it home. So even if they manage this logistical nightmare your foams are worn in a lot further than if you recieved your mattress without compression.

So we can offer an Australian made 5 zone pocket coil delivered to most towns and cities all over Australia for $699.  

The foams are cast in Australia by Dunlop.  The construction, assembly and quality control from the biggest bedding suppliers in Australia. 

Or we can cram a sub par chunk of mixed foam with all the buzz words in the world into a cardboard box and pretend it's some sort of revolutionary mattress.  

Then market it as though it's a one size fits all that will cure your back ache and won't let the wine spill when a girl who looks good in yoga pants jumps on the bed! 

So as these ads pop-up on your Facebook feed keep in mind that you spend over a third of you life in a bed. 

So take extra time to make sure it's the right bed for you!

*Edit* Since writing this I have come across a great resource at

This give breakdown of the actual materials used without all the marketing.

7th Jun 2017 James Hughes

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