Orthotrue Body Sync Firm King Single Ensemble

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This Orthotrue range is custom engineered to be Australia's best premium mattress range in every possible category. Experience unrivaled support and comfort on your perfectly balanced firm model


High Coil Count 6 Turn Support - Tri-Zone classic support system providing a firm support and comfort

Durable Foam Layers

 FoamCo Treated Comfort Layers - Purify protected comfort layers are anti-microbial and dust mite resistant

Stretch Knit Fabric.png

Stretch Knit Cover – Upholstered in premium bedding fabric with a silken feel, supreme luxury


Anti-Microbial Protection - Ultra premium treated foams to allow for a longer lasting and healthier sleeping surface


Hypoallergenic Protection - Ultra premium treated foams resist dust mites to safeguard against allergies

Australian made.png

Australian Made Quality – Made above and beyond Australian standards assuring the absolute best quality mattress, and giving you the value and comfort you deserve

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